Gumball Spiral Vending Machines – Favorites for Kids!

Gumball Spiral vending machines
 Gumball Spiral machines are the large globed vending machines which are real favorites with kids.  These special gumball machines usually cost a quarter and vends the gumball in a “spiral” fashion (the gumball spiraling down the tract to the gumball chute door). 

These gumball spirals come in a variety of colors and a few varying designs on the actual machines.  Many are made now in China with a few still made in the United States and Canada.  They basically consist of:

The large globe holding 1000-2000 gumballs depend in globe size
The machine lid and lock for the product section
The gumball spiral stand
The middle machine section consisting of the coin mechanism and attached gumball tract
The base of the machine containing the end of the chute and chute cover
I have heard mixed results for these types of machines from vendors.  They are harder to place than small

Chiclets - Chiclet Gum - Tab Gum: How to use in Your Bulk Vending Machine

Chicklets Gum for Profitable Vending
Chiclets Gum has been around for many years and is a favorite with bulk vending machine operators.  It is very easy to vend in all types of machines because of its consistent size.  It has better shelf life (will not go stale as fast) than regular gumballs. 

Chiclets are often called “tab gum” because the square shapes of the gum look like “tabs”.  In my experience, it works better in places where a lot of men work like repair shops and parts supply stores.  It might be because the gum is hotter than regular assorted 1” gumballs