Chiclets - Chiclet Gum - Tab Gum: How to use in Your Bulk Vending Machine

Chicklets Gum for Profitable Vending
Chiclets Gum has been around for many years and is a favorite with bulk vending machine operators.  It is very easy to vend in all types of machines because of its consistent size.  It has better shelf life (will not go stale as fast) than regular gumballs. 

Chiclets are often called “tab gum” because the square shapes of the gum look like “tabs”.  In my experience, it works better in places where a lot of men work like repair shops and parts supply stores.  It might be because the gum is hotter than regular assorted 1” gumballs
which most bulk vendors sell.

This type of gum can last up to a year in the field if the temperature extremes are not too much.  High temperatures will especially cause the gum (and all product types) to go stale more quickly.  For this reason, trying place it out of direct sunlight and preferably in a temperature controlled location.  Chickle gum is also more tolerant to heat than regular gumballs if you have no choice but to place in a higher temperature location.

Where can you buy this tab gum?  Sam’s Club is the most popular place with bulk vendors.  Costco and BJs clubs also carry the product.  Alternatively, you can mail order the product as well but be prepared for high shipping costs.

How much does it cost to vend Chiclets gum?  Somewhere around 5 cents per vend if you do not have shipping costs in the price.  If so, I would estimate around 6.5 to 7 cents. 

How much should I vend?  In my opinion, not very much.  The prices quoted above were for about 10 -11 pieces of tab gum per vend.  If my machines would do less, I would vend only 7 which to me equals about one gumball.  Gumballs are hollow in the middle (so you don’t get as much gum as you think).  Just remember to think that you’re only getting about 18-20 cents out of every quarter you sell minus any other expenses you have (plus paying for the cost of your machines).

Many people love this bulk vending product because of the various types of flavors you get for each quarter.  It can be a great money making product if you keep trying it in different places.