Vending Jobs, Vending Route Job Questions and Answers

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With the economy is a bad place right now and not looking to improve greatly, many people are thinking about vending as a job replacement.  Vending jobs can really fall into several categories.  Let's look at the main two first:
  1. Vending Company Owner.  This would mean actually buying the vending machines yourself and taking on the risk of losing your investment.  In essence, you are "buying yourself a job" including assuming the risk of losing your investment.  Many people start like this, but this is not the only way to go.
  2. The second way to think about vending jobs is to try to secure a job with an existing vending company.  Most of these jobs will bein "full line" vending (Cola, snack, sandwich, and amusement machines).  There are few jobs for "bulk vendors" which mainly includes gumball, candy, and toy machines.  You might pick up a vending job part-time with one of these bulk vending operators (or possibly a contract laborer).
Vending route jobs are good if you like managing yourself.  This includes to a large degree whether you own the machines or work for someone else.  You have to manage your time, inventory, locations, etc.  There is also a lot of lifting and "grunt work" in the full line area of vending.  This often includes having to move large machines from time to time, however, the owner may elect to contract this part of it to another company or individual with special equipment.

Vending jobs are fairly abundant but don't pay all that much.  That's why many people who own vending machines go into the business themselves as owner to increase their profit margin. There is still a lot of labor in this business whether you own the machines or are a common laborer for some company.  It's not uncommon to have to have dozens to hundreds of full line machines to make a significant income.  At some point an owner will have to increase the number of machines to more than they can manage themselves in order to make major money.  Because of that, there are people looking to expand.  On the other hand, there are owners looking to get out of the business and move on.  Therefore, you need to consider whether you want to own your own business (with the risk) or simply work for someone else  and leave them the headaches.

Vending route operator jobs can be either really rewarding or incredibly boring, and it usually doesn't take long for a person to find out which he is.  It's not that it is that hard.  It needs to be something a person likes to do.

In this blog post I've tried to cover both aspects of owning a vending route and working as an employee in a vending job.  If you think you are interested, look in the classifieds section or on Craigslist for offered jobs or routes for sale and start asking many questions. It will help you decide if this area is for you.