Gumballs for Gumball Machine: Don't Overlook These 15 Important Fact about Vending Gumballs!

Gumballs for Gumball Machine
For those of you with vending machines like me, gumballs for your gumball machine is a core part of your business.  By that, I mean that anything that affects gumballs affects a key piece of your business and its income.  Therefore (it sounds crazy!) you have to become gumball minded and do those things that maximize profits on EACH gumball you sell.

You might not think a fraction of a cent matters, but when you sell one million gumball with your gumball machine then a second million, you see that fractions of a cent amount to hundreds and thousands of dollars over the long term.  Yes, even a fraction matters (1/10 of 1 cent).

The secret I've found that helps me in my overall business is watching these little areas where I can save money.  Yes, I run a large number of machine and it may apply to me more than others, but in truth saving little amounts of money does apply to every operator no matter how large or small.  Here are some other things I do when dealing with gumballs and gumball machines to save
money and maximize my profits (some I've mentioned before, but they are worth a second mention):

  1. Shop around for the best price on gumballs.  Be sure you include all costs such as shipping or your cost to pick up the inventory.
  2. Sam's Club or Costco is not the only choice for gumballs but they are often the cheapest.  If you can order a pallet (typically 85 cases) you may be able to beat Sams and gain more choices in flavors.
  3. Gumballs DO have a shelf life.  Dump your machines if you are getting complaints.  
  4. Dumping gumballs periodically out of machines can help increase your sales numbers.  I know because Ive been doing this more often.  The result?  Happier customers and increased sales.  I usually make back what I lost by throwing out product by the next collection (and usually more on top of that).
  5. Gumballs stay fresher if your gumball machine is NOT IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT!!!! (They go bad 3x as fast).
  6. You will NOT go to jail if you don't fill up your machine completely full of gumballs.  Im amazed at the operators that jam it full.  It looks nice, yes, but if it is not selling enough, they sit there and look pretty as you lose sales!!!
  7. Ants like gumballs as much as candy, so be sure you watch for them when you service.  It seems spring and summer they like to swarm.
  8. When looking for gumballs for your gumball machine, look at other competitors.  Don't duplicate what they are doing.  Go in with a different flavor of gumballs, with chickles, or with candy of some kind.
  9. Higher volume traffic spots are great to try gourmet single flavor gumballs (like green apple or lime flavored gumballs).
  10. There is no law about vending 1" gumballs only.  You can usually save money by vending smaller gumballs but you may have to pay to have them shipped to you (which may erase any gains to you).  Be sure you check that your machine will sell smaller gumballs first.  Some will not like my Beavers unless you buy another gumball wheel.
  11. Gumballs still normally have the best profit margin of bulk vending products at around a 2 cents cost per gumball.  Remember though, you have a host of other expenses to factor in which will add much more to that 2 cents.  What expenses?  How about gas, spoiled product, vehicle repairs / tires, taxes, time costs, machine repairs, loan payments, etc.
  12. Don't get married to gumball vending only.  Truth is that I have ditched the gumballs in some of my vending machines for toys, bouncy balls, and candy (I try not to do candy unless I have to though).
  13. Some kids will much prefer a toy to a gumball out of your machine.  It is your job to split test products and see which will work best.
  14. Gumballs should play an important part in your bulk vending strategy.  Your job though is to MAXIMIZE the place where they work good and adjust to different products or different types of gumballs in the place where your sales are poor.
  15. Never be afraid to completely pull a machine if you can't get the sales you want.  There are just some places with the right mix of employees and customers which will never give you good sales.  If candy doesn't work either, pull it and smile as you walk out the door knowing you're going to find a better location which brings you more cash flow.
I hope these ideas on gumballs for your gumball machine help you determine what changes you need to make.  Be sure and visit my other site at VendingArticles.Net for lots more free information.  Watch for the release of my new vending ebook where I share all my secrets in the near future.