A&A Global: The Toy Company for Toy Capsule Vending

A&A Global A&A Global is the toy company for toy capsule vending in the areas of price, selection, and safety testing of toys.  I have used them as my lead supplier of toy capsules for over four years.
While no company is perfect (i have had a few small issues with them), they are consistently performing the best for me in providing my bulk capsule toy needs.  What does A&A Global do?  They are bulk toy importers bringing in China toys to be capsulated in the U.S.  Being an importer of China Toys carries with it a responsibility to provide testing and

Vending Times Vending Magazine for Bulk Vending Info

vending times "Vending Times” vending magazine is a must for Bulk vending information.  It is an industry standard.  Besides bulk vending, the magazine also covers full line vending.  Full line vending is usually defined as selling snacks and drinks through vending machines.  Bulk vending is usually refers to selling gumballs, candy and toys from smaller vending machines or racks.
Whichever form of Vending you do or are interested in, Vending Times does a good job covering vital information.  Some of the areas include:

Coin Pushers, Quarter Pushers: Are they Profitable and Legal?

Coin pushers, also known as Quarter pushers, seem to carry a real fascination with people.  Lately, I have run into several people who have been putting them into places where I do bulk vending.  From reports from store owners, they seem to do really well. Store owners tell me of commissions that are quite good.

Japanese Vending Machines

kidsatvendingmachine I hate to admit it, but Japanese vending machines beats American machines hands down in one area: CREATIVITY!  From other fellow vendors, I have heard that American made machines perform much better than Japanese vending machines in actual use on the field. 
The better performance of American vending machines really come to the forefront in: