Sprinter Van / Sprinter Diesel – My Perfect Vending Vehicle

red backgrndIf I could have any vehicle I wanted for the Vending business, it would be the Dodge Sprinter Diesel Van.   A Sprinter diesel is great on fuel mileage, especially compared to other vehicles in its class.  You may have noticed several freight companies and delivery companies moving to this type of vehicle in the last few years.  I believe a big reason for this is the fuel mileage of the Sprinter diesel.

Vending International – It’s not Just a “USA Thing”

littleboyvendkingVending is an international business, which may come as a surprise to some.  My first  experience with discovering international vending was when I saw some of the strange and cool bulk vending machines coming out of Japan.  Japan is not the only international vending source, but certainly a country that has contributed to the many types of vending machines.
I don’t know much about the full service side of international