Bulk Candy Vending: What is the Best Candy to Vend?

dreamstimefree_8036579 Bulk candy vending can be one of the biggest money losing areas in bulk vending.  And, it can be profitable as well.  What is the best candy to vend?  There is not one product that will work the best in EVERY location.  The best candy is the one which you find will sell the best and still has a good profit margin for you.

What are the factors to be successful at bulk candy vending?
  1. The cost of your product.  You must find the cheapest place to regularly buy product.  For me, that place is Sam’s Club.  You may also try Costco or BJ’s Wholesale.
  2. The amount of candy you dispense per vend.  This is absolutely critical and you must control this to make much money at all in bulk candy vending.  I have written a helpful article on how to figure your cost per vend at my vendingarticles.net site.  I highly recommend you read this article.
  3. Finding bulk candy which customers like. It’s amazing how a product change can take your collection from $3 to $30 in one collection!  If customers aren’t buying, it’s time to change product and keep trying until you get acceptable sales.
  4. Bulk candy labels.  Having classy looking bulk candy labels invite the customers to check out your product.
  5. Fresh product.  This is important to keep sales high.  If product is going stale in your bins or bulk candy heads, it’s probably time to change products or at least put in fresh product and throw away the old.
These tips will help you get started in the bulk candy vending business.  Best of success to you!
Mark Evants
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