Vendstar 3000 – Quick Fixes to Common Problems and How to Quickly Service Venstars on Your Route

569644_43897103There are some quick fixes to several common problems on Vendstar 3000 Machines.  Being able to QUICKLY fix a damaged Vendstar while servicing your vending machine route saves your valuable time and enables you to collect more money each day.  Here are some of my favorite ways to service to fix Vendstar problems:
  1. Carry an extra complete Vendstar with you.  Many of you will have the space to do this in your service vehicle.  This can be one of the quickest fixes especially if major parts of your Vendstar machine on location is broken.  Just fill and replace, and you’re on your way! 
  2. Carry extra chute doors and mini-springs with you.  Broken chute doors are the number one Vendstar complaint and problem you will run into frequently.  Several times I have found 2 of the 3 doors broken on the same machine.