Vending International – It’s not Just a “USA Thing”

littleboyvendkingVending is an international business, which may come as a surprise to some.  My first  experience with discovering international vending was when I saw some of the strange and cool bulk vending machines coming out of Japan.  Japan is not the only international vending source, but certainly a country that has contributed to the many types of vending machines.
I don’t know much about the full service side of international
vending, but I do know several main companies offer coin mechanisms for foreign currency.  Beaver Vending, of which I own 2500 or so of their machines, offers many different types of coin mechanisms to allow international bulk vendors the opportunity to participate in the business.  It is simply a matter of ordering a machine with your correct type of coin or ordering a coin mechanism of the desired currency as a replacement.
International vending is alive and well.  It would be worth your time to search You Tube or Google for the different types of cool vending machines that have been made over the years.  You’ll find vending is not just “a USA thing.”