Sprinter Van / Sprinter Diesel – My Perfect Vending Vehicle

red backgrndIf I could have any vehicle I wanted for the Vending business, it would be the Dodge Sprinter Diesel Van.   A Sprinter diesel is great on fuel mileage, especially compared to other vehicles in its class.  You may have noticed several freight companies and delivery companies moving to this type of vehicle in the last few years.  I believe a big reason for this is the fuel mileage of the Sprinter diesel.

The Sprinter chassis is excellent for hauling heaver loads than you could in a normal van, especially a mini van which I have seen many bulk vendors use.  The Sprinter chassis is heavy duty enough to haul many more machines and products than you could with a normal van.  No, I don’t have a Sprinter, but the research I have done on the Sprinter van makes it my dream vending vehicle.
You may see the vehicle listed as the “Sprinter 2500”, “Sprinter Van”, “Sprinter Westfalia” (an R.V. Conversion), “Mercedes Benz Sprinter”, “Benz Sprinter”, or a “Dodge Sprinter RV”.
SPRINTER FORUM: For those of you really interested in a Sprinter diesel, there are several forums on the web you can find by searching on google and getting user feedback.
Used Dodge Sprinter:  One word of advice I learned many years ago about buying vehicles:  Used vehicles can save you lots of money.  When and if I buy this vehicle, my first place to go will be online to find a used dodge sprinter diesel instead of purchasing a new vehicle.
Sprinter Leasing: Leasing a Dodge Sprinter may be an option for you as many business people consider this as a tax strategy.  Before leasing a dodge sprinter or any other vehicle, always talk to your tax accountant for the implications.
So for me, the Dodge Sprinter Diesel is the perfect vending vehicle for the fuel mileage, Sprinter chassis, extra room and reliability.  Do your own research as the right vehicle for your size business can save you thousands over the course of a few years.


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