A&A Global: The Toy Company for Toy Capsule Vending

A&A Global A&A Global is the toy company for toy capsule vending in the areas of price, selection, and safety testing of toys.  I have used them as my lead supplier of toy capsules for over four years.
While no company is perfect (i have had a few small issues with them), they are consistently performing the best for me in providing my bulk capsule toy needs.  What does A&A Global do?  They are bulk toy importers bringing in China toys to be capsulated in the U.S.  Being an importer of China Toys carries with it a responsibility to provide testing and
documentation that the toys are safe.  I have found they can provide good documentation for bulk vending operators which is critically important when you sell tens of thousands of dollars worth of toys in a year.
Another big reason I consider A&A Global to be the toy company for bulk toy capsules is their selection.  I have other companies I used occaisonally as well if I finda few special products on sale.  But consistently I come back to A&A Global to find the largest selection. 
The two negatives I have with the company:
  1. Good selling bulk toys are not always in stock.  You may choose 2 or 3 toy capsule items and find they won’t have them for a couple of weeks to a couple of months.  This has been the biggest frustration.
  2. Shipping.  I feel their shipping price is higher than other companies.  It’s better to buy on a pallet if you do that much volume.
Here are a few of my favorite items A&A Global has sold (and may still be selling):
  1. Super bouncy balls (both 1” and 2”)
  2. Bling Teeth
  3. Sticky Hands (1” and 2” toy capsules)
  4. Sticky Thingys (1” and 2” toy capsules)
  5. Clear and cool rings
  6. Fuzzy Face Mustaches (1” and 2” capsules)
  7. Mini-Mals figurines
  8. Spongebob Puffy stickers
  9. Adopt a puppy figurines
  10. Sticky eyeballs (1” and 2”)
  11. Yo-Yo balls (2” toy capsules)
  12. California Gold (1” capsules)
  13. Mini-Crosses (1” capsules)
  14. Glow in the dark Aliens (1” toy capsules")
  15. Classic tattoos (1” toy capsules)
These are great products that I mix and match to some degree in my toy racks.  I have some single toy machine heads in a business where kids frequent.  Even these single toy machines do well with the right product.
I hope you see why I consider A&A Global the toy company for toy capsule vending.  They provide the selection I need.  No, they did not pay me for this review.  Hope this helps you!