Coin Pushers, Quarter Pushers: Are they Profitable and Legal?

Coin pushers, also known as Quarter pushers, seem to carry a real fascination with people.  Lately, I have run into several people who have been putting them into places where I do bulk vending.  From reports from store owners, they seem to do really well. Store owners tell me of commissions that are quite good.

The biggest issue with Coin Pushers is that they are not legal in many states.  They are considered gambling devices.  Some owners get around it by giving free candy or other prize redemptions for the  quarter play.  Included with the free candy or prize redemption is the opportunity to win the money.
I would strongly advise against owning quarter pushers / coin pushers unless you strictly understand the law in the state in which you operate.  Contact the attorney general’s office and the state tax division to find out the legalities of operating a Coin Pusher in a particular state.
Big money in Coin Pushers?  Yes, probably, but also big liability. Do your homework!