What About Vending Jelly Beans?

mikeike Vending Jelly Beans may sound like a good idea, but the problem I have found with it is buying the product at a low enough price.  Sam’s Club is the place I have found that consistently sells bulk candy the cheapest.  They sell Jelly Beans which I have used in a couple of machines.
The Jelly Beans sold fair, not great, but the cost to vend them was very high – about 6 cents a vend at the smallest setting I could use in my machines.  If you can find a blowout location you may be able to make enough to justify using them.

My caution is to check the price per vend and make sure you are making enough profit to use them.  Also make sure the location doesn’t get too hot.
Mike and Ike’s candy is a choice many bulk vendors use.  They have their own set of problems but are cheaper to vend than Jelly Beans.  Check out my article here on avoiding problems vending with Mike and Ike’s and Hot Tamales. 
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Good Luck!