Vending Tips – For Bulk Candy and Gumball Vending in the Summer

red backgrnd I thought some vending tips might be in order related to the summer season.  Warm temperatures bring a special set of circumstances to vending operators.  These will help you be effective and save money in the process.
Vending Tips on Candy Vending In Summer
Prepare for high temperatures by keeping your bulk candies temperature controlled.  This is especially a problem in the south where the temperatures are warmer year around.  You can put M&M candies and Reese’s pieces in ice chests if your vehicle doesn’t stay cool enough in summer.

You can test these candies to see if they are getting too hot by “pinching” them to see how hard they are.  They get very soft before beginning to melt completely.
Move candy machines out of the sunlight in businesses to keep candy from ruining and getting too hot.
Skittles will clump together in the bottom of machines, so if you’re only getting 2 or 3 to vend at a time, check to see if they have melted together at the bottom of your machine by the candy dispenser.
Vending Tips on the Problem of ANTS
Ants are another problem beginning in the spring when they can “swarm” and enter buildings looking for your gum and candy machines.  They can especially be a problem in older buildings.  If I have too many problems in a particular business I will remove the machine unless it’s a really great account.  To help guard against ants, you can put a thin ring of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) around the top part of your vending machine stand.  Put the Vaseline just under where the stand meets the bottom of the machine.  That way, it traps ants as they crawl up the candy or gum in the machine.  This is one of the greatest vending tips I can share with you! 
I hope these vending tips for the summer will be a help to you.