Toy Claw Machines, Crane Machines, Toy Plush Information

Dollars Toy claw machines (also known as “cranes” or “crane machines”) are extremely popular with kids and many adults.  I’m sure you’ve seen these machines in grocery stores, restaurants, and even many Wal-Mart stores.
Toy claw machines are often classified with the bulk vending machine category as they really are a super-sized bulk vending machine selling toy plush articles.  There are some great advantages and disadvantages to this area.  Let me say I do NOT
do this type of vending by choice even though I had the opportunity to purchase toy claw machines and passed on the opportunity.  Here’s why:

Toy Claw Machine List of Negatives:

  1. It is a very competitive area of Vending
  2. Toy Plush has gone up in prices quite a bit, therefore your profit margin is lower.
  3. You can have frequent service calls to fix machines, and I am not very mechanically inclined.  I don’t like dealing with changing circuit boards, bill validators, and wires to the claws.
  4. They take up a lot of room in places, therefore crane machines have a limited number of places you can put them.
  5. They are not as easy to locate as a normal bulk vending machine.
  6. They are harder to haul.
  7. The commissions are normally at least 50%.
  8. They are hard to sell if you don’t like this area.
  9. Vendors tell me you either love it or hate it – no middle ground.  People who love gumball vending don’t necessarily like toy claw machine vending.
  10. You typically have to visit locations 1-3 times per month to maximize the location.  I don’t like being tied to having to go this often to a location.
In fairness there are some positives to this type of vending such as making a lot of money in one place if you find a good account, but for me, this is not enough to purchase toy claw machines.  I’m happy with my gumball, candy, and toy bulk vending machines.  Are toy claw machines for you?  You’ll have to evaluate your own desires and abilities.  Just consider carefully the ideas above before you buy a crane machine.