1 Inch Gumballs - The Most Popular for Bulk Vending Gumball Routes

gumballs2-1 1 inch gumballs are the industry standard in bulk vending.  Beginning vendors might be confused by the different sizes, but 1 inch gumballs are the most popular. 

Be aware though, you can buy smaller gumballs (and larger too.)  Most vendors  buy smaller gumballs to save a little money on their cost per vends.  1 inch gumballs have a good all around profit margin and are fine for most gumball routes. 

Some vendors who operate large toy racks sell 2" gum.  That's large, and not the norm for most bulk vendors.  Stick with 1 inch gumballs as your mainstay and experiment with different flavors rather than sizes to begin with.  It's really important to not get to the place where you are running many different sizes and flavors of gumballs on your gumball route.  You'll stay more effective if you stick with a few that work for you.

Just to be clear in closing, the ASSORTED 1 inch gumballs are the standard.  That's the size and flavor for your best selling combination.  Good luck!