Vending Machine Placement: Locating Your New Vending Machine

vending machine placement Vending Machine Placement is one of the great skills of a good bulk vending company (and full-line vending for that matter).  If you are new, you may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of the placement of your vending machines.
I have found many places and types of businesses can be good provided:
1) The business has at least minimal traffic
2) Several Employees
3) Seems a reasonably secure place for the machine

Understand my philosophy is not to hit a home run with every machine
but to have multiple "bread and butter" accounts in mom and pop stores
as well as higher traffic flow places. If I had only a few machines I
would be more particular with the locations to be able to multiply
profits to buy more machines.
Some of the places specifically might be lawn mower repair shops,
tattoo shops, local newspaper office, utility offices, court houses
etc. It seems lots of vendors frequent restaurants, parts and hardware
stores, and locations with lots of kids. I find I have adults just as
crazy about gumballs as the kids are. You just have to find them!
You also have to be willing to remove low-producing machines in a short amount of time if they don’t produces good sales for you.  This may be a couple of service cycles or slightly longer.  One important option would be to change product before you pull it.  A product change can make a real difference!!!
Vending machine placement is one of the most important skills you will develop and will yield good results as you get a good feel for the accounts that will produce in your area.