Toy Capsules, Tattoo, and Bouncy Ball Bulk Vending: How to Use These Bulk Vending Products to Diversify Your Vending Business

photo_1055_20060210 Lately I have been changing my bulk vending strategy a little to sell more toy capsules, tattoos, and bouncy balls.  Even though my profit margin is lower, better sales overall have been higher. 

Don't get me wrong, I still sell a lot of candy and gum, but I am slowly  doing more and more with toy capsules, tattoo and sticker vending and bouncy rubber balls to diversify a little more away from candy and gum.  Diversifying keeps me from relying too much on one product area for my source of income.  Sometimes selling the new products gives me competitive advantage against other vendors.  Some vendors care nothing about these toy products.  I didn’t either for a long time,  but after a few changes here and there, I am tweaking my product offerings.

The other area I am diversifying in is with rack locations vs. single/double head locations.  Some of the new rack locations I have been getting have been extremely good.  The advantage of a good rack location is that you typically have a longer account lifespan than with a single or double headed charity machine.

Just a few things for you to think about as you build your bulk vending business.  Hope this helps you!!!