Vendstar 3000 – Quick Fixes to Common Problems and How to Quickly Service Venstars on Your Route

569644_43897103There are some quick fixes to several common problems on Vendstar 3000 Machines.  Being able to QUICKLY fix a damaged Vendstar while servicing your vending machine route saves your valuable time and enables you to collect more money each day.  Here are some of my favorite ways to service to fix Vendstar problems:
  1. Carry an extra complete Vendstar with you.  Many of you will have the space to do this in your service vehicle.  This can be one of the quickest fixes especially if major parts of your Vendstar machine on location is broken.  Just fill and replace, and you’re on your way! 
  2. Carry extra chute doors and mini-springs with you.  Broken chute doors are the number one Vendstar complaint and problem you will run into frequently.  Several times I have found 2 of the 3 doors broken on the same machine.
  3. Carry a complete coin mechanism module with you containing a functional chute door.  The coin mechanism can be removed as a rectangular module by remove 4 screws at each corner of the back of the rectangular coin mechanism from inside the area where the money is.  This is the quickest way I know to replace the chute covers.
  4. Replace low producing candy selections quickly by bringing extra cannisters with you already full of another kind of candy.  For instance, if you want to try Reese’s pieces in some of your machines, take 3 cannisters full of Reese’s with you with all the labels already in the cannistes.  Set them securely in a box or somewhere where they will not  spill and the tops are covered while transporting. Then, when your machine is open for money collection change out your cannisters.  This can save at least 5 minutes or more.
  5. Check your coin mechanisms to make sure products will not vend for a penny, nickel or dime.  I have run into this problem before and customers have emptied the cannister with a bunch of nickels.  Every Venstar is not like this, but some models have had mechanisms which have this problem.
  6. Pull your Vendstars where there is a problem with Vandalism or rough treatment of your machines.  They will not hold up long term with rough treatment.
I’m not a big fan of Vendstars because of the problems I have had with them.  I have almost 3000 machines (heads) and I have more problems by far with them than I do my Northwesterns or Beaver machines.  Hope this guidelines help. 
HAVE QUESTIONS ON VENDSTAR PROBLEMS OR COMPLAINTS?  Leave a comment to this post and I will try to help you if I can.  These machines can be very profitable in the right location under the right circumstances, so hang in there if you’re having Venstar problems!  They can usually be fixed.


Anonymous said...

I've been trying to reach vendstar for months. Have they gone out of busines?

brooks said...

do u sell or know where i can buy 1 inch vendstar 3000 gumball adapters.thx and best,brooks 8165051952

Anonymous said...

Vendstar was bought out. Now you have to go to: Vend 3. They can be reached at: 1-877-848-9222 and/or: