Vending Route Management – How to Structure a Better Route

dreamstimefree_323051A vending route can be structured for profit with a little careful planning.  The number one mistake most operators make it trying to go too far too fast.
Take time and evaluate your route structure.  This is even more important as you increase your number of machines.  Are you running yourself ragged for a few extra dollars?  You may want to consider expanding your route closest to you and dropping your "stragglers" the farthest out.
High gas prices in 2008 and 2009 caused me to re-evaluate all my routes.  I not only dropped some stragglers but extended my service cycle times.  By doing this, I saved on my expenses:
  • Gas
  • Travel expenses
  • Vehicle expenses
  • Time expenses (my own valuable time I invested in other areas)
Another option you have is to sell your machines the farthest away and try to buy out a competitor in the area you desire to build.  Don’t be afraid to take time and seriously think through your strategies for your routes.  It often produces greater cash flow because of saving valuable resources.
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Mark Evants
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