Vending Machine Insurance, Part 2

vending machine insurance photo Vending Machine owners may want to consider other forms of insurance besides vending liability insurance mentioned in my last blog post.  Here are more forms of insurance that you as a vending machine owner might consider:
  1. Car Insurance.  This is an important priority especially if you use your own vehicle to service your vending route.
  2. Disability Insurance.  This insurance covers you in case you are hurt or disabled for some reason and cannot work for a period of time.
  3. Life insurance.  There are different kinds of life insurance your insurance agent can help you with: – term life, whole life, universal life, variable life.
  4. Health Insurance – There are many forms of health insurance which you can research online or have an insurance professional help you with.
  5. Home owners insurance – This usually is required by the lender but should be checked to include coverage for any business assets you might have in the home such as vending machines, product, and parts.  Check with your agent to be sure you are covered!
  6. Renters Insurance – same applies to renters insurance as to home owners insurance – check to make sure your business assets are covered in some way.
Insurance is an important part of our life and helps us in times of unexpected loss.  Just this month a good friend of mine from years gone by lost practically his whole home to a fire right after Christmas.  Thankfully, he had just upgraded his insurance to protect some very high end tools and other assets in his home and had detailed many items in case there was ever a need.  It pays to be protected, and this insurance area should be a high priority for business owners even beyond normal business liability insurance.
Mark Evants
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DISCLAIMER:  Mark Evants is not an insurance or legal professional.  You should check with Professionals in this area to make sure you are fully protected.


product liability insurance said...

I agree with you that everyone should consider buying insurance for home and expensive tools they own as it really help in case of mishappening.As the loss is covered by insurance you bought