Vending Machine Insurance – a MUST For Your Vending Business

vending machine insurance photo2Vending machine Insurance is extremely important for your vending business regardless of what type of vending you want to operate.  Why?  It only take one accident to put you into a million dollar lawsuit.
Vending insurance is not always a priority to people who have a small vending business.  The size of the business is not the main concern – it’s the liability potential that exists for you the business owner with your name on the asset.
No, I’m not trying to scare you, but if you are going to do business, make the investment to protect your assets.  Your vending assets (vending machines) are not the only assets at risk if someone is injured from one of your machines.  People can sue you to recover losses and go after any asset you own (cars, house, bank accounts, etc).  That’s why its wise to start doing business right in the first place – with vending machine liability insurance.
I am not a lawyer or insurance professional and I encourage you to see professional advice when you set up your vending machine business.  It’s worth starting out on the right foot!
Companies who offer Vending Machine Insurance:

Here are a few companies I have heard of which offer vending machine insurance.  These companies may or may not offer vending liability insurance in your state, so check with several if you have trouble finding a company:
  • Travelers
  • State Farm
  • The Hartford
  • Allstate
  • Liberty Insurance
  • US Liability
  • Centurion
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product liability insurance said...

It is most important to have insurance when you business is vending machines. Thanks for you r recommendations.