Bouncy Balls – How to Use Rubber Balls as A Money Making Product

bouncy super ball photo Bouncy balls, also known as “hi-bounce” balls or rubber balls, are a great money-maker for your bulk vending machine.  Most quality vending machines will easily dispense the bouncy balls.  One exception to that rule is Vendstar 3000 vending machines.
There are seven advantages to selling bouncy balls in your vending machines:
  1. They are extremely popular with kids. 
  2. They are inexpensive to purchase in bulk (usually 4-6 cents each).
  3. They have a high profit margin.
  4. They have an infinite shelf life (will not spoil or go stale like gum and candy).
  5. They are easy to carry (not bulky like 2” capsules or stuffed animal for cranes).
  6. There are several different types of bouncy balls to choose from.
  7. They are downright fun!
How Bouncy Balls are sold:  Bouncy balls are mostly sold in the 27 millimeter variety (1” rubber balls).  Other sizes are available and popular with bulk vendors as well. 
How to buy bouncy balls:  You will save money if you buy a box of the 1” balls instead of a bag.  A box usually consists of 8 bags of 1” bouncy balls (2,000 rubber balls).  It was great this week when I order a pallet of bouncy balls (80,000 balls!). 
Where to find rubber bouncy balls:
  1. A & A Global –
  2. TJ King / Five Star –
  3. Ebay – (Usually more expensive)
Put the bouncy ball to work for you in your vending business.  It’s a great all-around toy vending product.
Author: Mark Evants
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