Bulk Vending Route Goals for 2010

gumballs2-1 From my experience in running almost 3000 vending machines, bulk vending routes must be assessed from time to time to see if you’re getting a good NET profit.  Net profit is simply your gross sales minus expenses.  Here are some good goals you can incorporate for the next year:
  1. Locate your bulk vending machines in businesses as soon as possible. This is an obvious one but probably the best way to get profit up the most.  Unplaced machines make no money!  For a quick way to get machines out, look at your good accounts and see if you can double a single or add one to adouble in your good accounts.  You can always move it later if it doesn't produce.
  2. Examine the products you're selling, especially your cost per vend.  This is especially important on the subject of M&M Peanuts and other candy cost increases.  You may want to eliminate this product unless you are selling high volumes in certain locations.  You can sell far less gumballs to net the same profit IF you can find a location which is not already overloaded with them.
  3. Re-examine your bulk vending route structure.  Are you running yourself ragged for a few extra dollars?  You may want to consider expanding your route closest to you and dropping your "stragglers" the farthest out. I don't believe low gas prices here to stay.  Now would be a great time to get into the position you want to be before prices skyrocket more. You may even consider buying out a competitor who is in the territory you want to expand in and selling off your farthest routes.
  4. Examine your service schedule cycles.  One blessing of the high gas prices for our company was

Increase Your Bulk Vending Profits, Part 3

Gumball Rack Machines Remember, Bulk vending profits are greatly affected by the products you sell.  Having a good understanding of profit margins on individual candy products is crucial to maximizing your invested money in your vending business.  While selling gum is generally the most profitable, selling candy should not be ruled out especially if you plan to have a large number of machines.  Here are some products that can help you maintain a good profit.

  1. Sell gumballs or other gum.  At around 2 to 3 cents a vend, gumballs have a great profit margin.  Chickles tab gum is also popular at closer to 4 cents a vend.  Chickles has a good shelf life.