Used Vending Machine Routes Can Offer a Great Way to Enter Bulk Vending

Used vending routes can offer a great way for beginners to enter bulk vending easily. With a little patience, used vending routes can usually be found. Just because you find used vending machines for sale doesn't mean it is automatically a good deal.

In this first article, let's explore WHERE to find used vending routes. Here's my favorite places:

Vending Routes - Successful Strategies for Maximum Profit Potential

Vending routes can either be thrown together haphazardly or planned carefully.  A big mistake vending business owners make is get accounts "wherever I can find one."  That may be fine in some situations like a small town, but in larger areas, getting spread out over a large area with heavy traffic means losing valuable time and money.

An operator of vending routes should carefully consider:
  • How far are you willing to drive from your home to operate your business?
  • How heavy is the traffic in my area?
  • Am I willing to work a smaller area and exhaust the opportunities there before moving to a more distant area?

Use a Professional Vending Locator or Locate My Machines Myself?

Finding a business to put your vending machine in ("locating") is probably the biggest initial and ongoing hurdle a vending business owner will have. Therefore, locating vending machines is a highly prized skill to be developed or managed in your vending business.

Vending locators are supposed to be professional people skilled at getting new accounts for your machines. While there are good vending locators, be careful you don't become a part of a vending scam.

You really have four choices when locating vending machines:

Buy a Vending Machine - Not a Headache! Bulk Vending Machine Buyer's Guide

If you intend to buy a vending machine, please do your homework! It is very easy to buy a vending machine and a batch of headaches that comes with a poor-performing machine.

What are the buying points to keep in mind when buying a vending machine to start your home business? Here are some valuable tips to save your hard-earned investment money:

1. Buy a vending machine with a long track record of dependability. There are companies like Northwestern and Beaver who have made quality machines for decades.

2. Buy a vending machine with metal internal parts. Several companies have vending machines with plastic coin mechanisms, plastic lids, bases, and internal porportioning mechanisms. These plastic parts simply will not hold up over time. Then, you get complaints from locations and added expense and time to fix something that was poorly made in the first place.

Buy a Vending Machine and Start a Home Business

Many people are searching for a way to start a new home business and can do so by purchasing a vending machine. Fortunately, you do not have to start with lots of machines and tens of thousands in startup cash.

Many people who start a home business with vending machines start with five machines or less. Often, used machines can be purchased for around $50 each (sometimes less).

If the goal is to make a little extra money for debt reduction, vacations, retirement, etc, then buying a vending machine could be right for you. Not everyone will invest what I did in buying. 3,300 machines and going full time (I have since sold off a few routes consolidating to just under 3,000). In fact, I wouldn't advise considering going full time at all unless you are absolutely certain of the risks and rewards.