Become a Master of Gumballs to Produce Maximum Cash Flow in Your Vending Business

Gumballs normally produce the highest profit margin of any product you can sell in a bulk vending machine. In my vending business of almost 3,000 machines, I have noticed they are the most popular of any product I sell.

If you want to really produce strong cash flow and have a good rate of return on your investment in a gumball vending machine, PLEASE consider consider what I'm saying. High profit margin items mean you make more money faster and produce a higher rate of return on your asset (your vending machine).

What Products Can I Sell With A Vendstar Vending Machine to Avoid Problems?

While I am not a real fan of Vendstar Vending Machines, there are a few products that perform very well with the Vendstar machines. Selling candy and gum using the Vendstar machines can be profitable if you follow a few guidelines.

Smaller candy works well in these machines. I have had the best success with the following candy:

1. Skittles
2. Reese's Pieces
3. Runts
4. M&M's
5. M&M Peanuts

Vendstar Vending Machine Problems - What Can I Do?

Many people have entered the world of Bulk Vending by buying a Vendstar vending machine. These machines have 3 heads (cannisters) on a single stand made almost entirely of plastic (including most parts of the coin mechanism).

Many vendors have experienced problems with this type of machine. Can you be successful using these machines? Yes, but with certain understanding I will. comment on.

Welcome to the Vending Coach Blog...

Welcome to the my new "Vending Coach" blog - a means by which I share many very profitable tips with you for the business of Vending. Being a REAL vending operator with almost 3,000 Bulk Vending Machines, I've learned a thing or two.

Check back weekly as I will be posting truly valuable information to help both new and veteran vending operators. Some information I share will also apply to Full-line vending as well.

How will this site help you the most?

1) To pick up great tips to tweak your cash flow

2) For advice on equipment and how to set up your equipment for a good return

3) For route management advice

4) For tips on how to locate your vending machines. Machines in a garage make no money!

5) For time-saving and money-saving advice on how to expand your route.

I made the transition to full-time vending about 3 years ago. I had been building my routes up over a couple of years and when my old job required a change, PRESTO! I stepped into it full time, added a few more machines to increase my income, and continue to perfect my business today. My main source of income is from bulk vending, and its a real passion of mine.

I love the PASSIVE INCOME aspect of vending and look forward to sharing tips to help you. Good Luck!

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