What Products Can I Sell With A Vendstar Vending Machine to Avoid Problems?

While I am not a real fan of Vendstar Vending Machines, there are a few products that perform very well with the Vendstar machines. Selling candy and gum using the Vendstar machines can be profitable if you follow a few guidelines.

Smaller candy works well in these machines. I have had the best success with the following candy:

1. Skittles
2. Reese's Pieces
3. Runts
4. M&M's
5. M&M Peanuts

You can sell other candies in the Vendstar as well. Hot Tamales and Mike and Ikes will work only in certain controlled temperature environments. They often clump together if the environment is humid. These candies will melt if the temperature reaches around 90 degrees.

The machines will also do peanuts and cashews fairly easily. The drawback to vending nuts is that the product MUST sell fast enough to cycle the product through the machine before it goes back and gets rancid. I try NOT to vend nuts for this reason.

Selling gum is possible too. Gum is normally your highest profit margin. The biggest drawback to most Vendstar models is that you cannot sell Gumballs (normally the highest profit margin of all products).

In recent years, Vendstar has developed a gumball wheel for their machines; however the vast majority of Vendstars you find in use and for sale DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO SELL GUMBALLS without changing this wheel. Don't try it - I know by experience!

So what kind of Gum can you sell? Primarily Chickles Tab Gum and mini-gumballs (one-half inch or so in size). Both of these gum products work well.

Remember to protect your Vendstars by not placing them in a rough environment as they do not hold up well in harsh environments.

For more information on how to sell gum and sell candy in vending machines as well as how to increase your profit margins, visit my other bulk vending site at http://vendingarticles.net/.

Good Luck!