Vendstar Vending Machine Problems - What Can I Do?

Many people have entered the world of Bulk Vending by buying a Vendstar vending machine. These machines have 3 heads (cannisters) on a single stand made almost entirely of plastic (including most parts of the coin mechanism).

Many vendors have experienced problems with this type of machine. Can you be successful using these machines? Yes, but with certain understanding I will. comment on.

The main problems I have experienced with the machines is that parts will break sooner than they should. I have over 40 of these machines and have had to replace many "doors" covering where the product comes out. Also, I have experienced several cracked bases and support poles which required rebuilding parts of the machine. Other operators I have been in contact with have experienced the same problems.

Will a vendstar machine work? Yes, and in some cases very well. I want to give credit where it is due. They work very well in most adult environments where children cannot play on or around them. Office settings and snack rooms are ideal. Temperature controlled environments are good.

Rough areas such as waiting rooms where kids are allowed to roam around are not good places.

If you can buy a Vendstar cheap enough you should be all right. Many people have goten burned by paying over $300 per machine. Don't fall for this! It takes too long to make back your original investment.

My advice is to buy USED for $50 or less and plan on making some regular repairs. At this price, it takes far less time to make your original investment back. Again, just plan on having to make some repairs from time to time.

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