Vending Routes - Successful Strategies for Maximum Profit Potential

Vending routes can either be thrown together haphazardly or planned carefully.  A big mistake vending business owners make is get accounts "wherever I can find one."  That may be fine in some situations like a small town, but in larger areas, getting spread out over a large area with heavy traffic means losing valuable time and money.

An operator of vending routes should carefully consider:
  • How far are you willing to drive from your home to operate your business?
  • How heavy is the traffic in my area?
  • Am I willing to work a smaller area and exhaust the opportunities there before moving to a more distant area?
I oversee vending routes consisting of almost 3,000 machines in about a 400 mile wide area.  The vending routes I purchased were all part of a large company which I had to take "as is" to purchase the routes I really wanted closer to my home.  If I had it to do over again, I would have not purchased routes so far away.  It has been challenging at times, but more often, it is the challenge of finding enough time to balance the good profit I have in my vending routes with family.  Money and cash flow is not everything in life!

Here are a few powerful strategies for your growing your vending routes for maximum profit potential:
  1. Decide how far you are willing to go from home base (say 10 miles).
  2. Scout these areas and write down EVERY business you think would be a good place for a vending machine.
  3. When you do business at one of these places, ask to place one of your machines there.  Spending money in a business is important to the owner and you are more like to secure an account this way.  You might even make a large purchase at the business contingent on being able to place your vending machine there.
  4. Begin to market your machines in these areas (start asking businesses if you can place machines there). 
  5. If you run out of businesses in your area, expand your route in ONE direction preferably (maybe a town or two in a certain direction).
  6. Continue expanding until you have your vending routes built to satisfaction.
  7. DO NOT get over zealous and go too far too fast.  Some locations will absolutely surprise you at how well they do, so try locations closer to you before expanding too fast.  You can always pull a machine if the results are not satisfactory.
  8. You might also consider hiring someone to help you locate your machine for your vending routes.  Be careful in this area of professional locators as many people have been scammed.
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