Use a Professional Vending Locator or Locate My Machines Myself?

Finding a business to put your vending machine in ("locating") is probably the biggest initial and ongoing hurdle a vending business owner will have. Therefore, locating vending machines is a highly prized skill to be developed or managed in your vending business.

Vending locators are supposed to be professional people skilled at getting new accounts for your machines. While there are good vending locators, be careful you don't become a part of a vending scam.

You really have four choices when locating vending machines:

1) Do nothing and let your machines rust in the garage. In case you bought a route with machines already in businesses, you can do nothing and watch your route shrivel from a grape to a raisin as accounts go by the wayside (not to mention your cash flow drying up too).

2) Hire a professional vending machine locator. Vending locators are the biggest area people get scammed in this type of business. There are a few good locators out there, but beware and stick to vending locators with proven track records with other vending business owners.

3) You can develop the sales skill of locating the machines youself. Yes, you can do it, and practice makes perfect (or at least a little better.). I'll cover more on this later.

4) You can use a combination of locating vending machines yourself and using a professional vending locator. This may be a good idea IF you know the track record of the locator. Again, do your homework on the company and never pay all the money up front.

Locating your vending machines is a problem that must be solved if you intend to start a home business in the area of bulk vending. Good news: solve the problem and the money will follow'