Used Vending Machine Routes Can Offer a Great Way to Enter Bulk Vending

Used vending routes can offer a great way for beginners to enter bulk vending easily. With a little patience, used vending routes can usually be found. Just because you find used vending machines for sale doesn't mean it is automatically a good deal.

In this first article, let's explore WHERE to find used vending routes. Here's my favorite places:

Craigslist (the free online classifieds). This is my favorite place and a truly great source for both vending routes and used vending machines not on location.

Ebay.   Ebay will occaisonally have routes for sale, mainly in larger areas. You can find many used vending machines here not on location usually at a 30 to 60 percent discount off a new vending machine price. Don't forget to figure shipping into your overall price.

Classifieds from Newspapers and weekly shopper papers. It is harder to find machines here, but worth a try. I have picked up two cheap vending routes from these sources.

Other vendors. You can find machines in stores and call the number on the machines to see if a route is for sale. This is one of the easiest ways to get machines.

This article is not an endorsement to buy a used vending route. You need to carefully evaluate each deal (preferably with a professional such as an accoutant or attorney). You could lose all your money if a used vending route is misrepresented. You can also make good money if you make a good deal.

We'll look more at how to evaluate used vending routes in later articles.


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