Increase Your Bulk Vending Profits, Part 3

Gumball Rack Machines Remember, Bulk vending profits are greatly affected by the products you sell.  Having a good understanding of profit margins on individual candy products is crucial to maximizing your invested money in your vending business.  While selling gum is generally the most profitable, selling candy should not be ruled out especially if you plan to have a large number of machines.  Here are some products that can help you maintain a good profit.

  1. Sell gumballs or other gum.  At around 2 to 3 cents a vend, gumballs have a great profit margin.  Chickles tab gum is also popular at closer to 4 cents a vend.  Chickles has a good shelf life.

  2. Sell Gourmet gumballs if needed to compete with other gumball machine competitors.  Sometimes, you will have a business which has lots of foot traffic yet your sales are poor because of many competitors selling gum.  To boost your sales, consider selling gourmet gumballs.  Gourmet gumballs really is just another name for a flavor of gumballs you normally don’t find for sale in an assorted mix (what most vending companies sell).  This helps give you competitive advantage in a busy location. This might be green apple, peach, cinnamon, lemonade or other flavors.  “Nerds” gumballs has been popular as an alternative to the normal gumballs sold. The best thing is to try out a box and see if it works in a busy location.

  3. Sell candy, but concentrate on the cheaper selections.  Skittles, Runts, and Reese’s Piece’s (generally in this order) are the best profit margin candies.  Depending on where you buy them, you may pay more for one than another.

  4. Decrease the amount of Product dispensed to increase profits.  I have mentioned this in other articles, but your cost-per-vend is critical to your profit.  If you give too much, you end up working for minimum wage (or less!).

  5. Sell Bouncy Balls and other toys capsules.  Bouncy balls are usually a good all around choice.  Usually they run about 5 cents a piece to sell and can be usually mixed with other 1” toy capsules if needed.  Toy capsules can range anywhere from 5-10 cents or more a capsule.  You can sell toy capsules if you keep your product cost down on the lower end. 

Please understand that you will have to try different selections out to experiment with growing your profit margin.  Keep trying and don’t become discouraged.  Read other articles on my site to help you understand how to effectively run a bulk vending business.  Best of success to you!


Paul Welsch said...

Thanks for the info. I am new, starting out, and I am posting my progress at

Vending Coach said...

Thanks Paul - you have a great site too! Appreciate the comment.