Increase Your Bulk Vending Profits, Part 2

Bulk vending profits can definitely be increased as we began to mention in my last article.  Here are sixmore ways to directly affect your cash flow and making your business more profitable:

  1. Don't be slow to change products not selling well.  It is easier to change products for an account (business) you already have a machine in than to find a new location.  I sometimes change products 3 or 4 times before I pull the machine.
  2. Don't delay pulling a machine if it still does not produce.  You want your assets producing at good rates of return, therefore, you will have to evaluate your accounts from time to time.
  3. Keep your machines clean!  This may not sound important, but many people will not eat candy or gum coming out of a grimy machine.   This includes the candy chute as well as the outside of the machine.  Even fing erprints all over a m
    achine can cause your sales to be affected. 
  4. Change your Labels if needed.   Labels are normally the focal point of your income producing asset.  If you have faded and dirty labels, you're advertising to people that your product is of poor quality.
  5. Examine your area coverage of your routes.  Many vendors get too spread out too quickly and begin to lose money and time because of over extending themselves.  
  6. Shop around for Product prices.  Usually Sams or Costco is the best for bulk vending candy and gum.  For toys, there can be a wide variance of prices for different companies.