Buy a Vending Machine - Not a Headache! Bulk Vending Machine Buyer's Guide

If you intend to buy a vending machine, please do your homework! It is very easy to buy a vending machine and a batch of headaches that comes with a poor-performing machine.

What are the buying points to keep in mind when buying a vending machine to start your home business? Here are some valuable tips to save your hard-earned investment money:

1. Buy a vending machine with a long track record of dependability. There are companies like Northwestern and Beaver who have made quality machines for decades.

2. Buy a vending machine with metal internal parts. Several companies have vending machines with plastic coin mechanisms, plastic lids, bases, and internal porportioning mechanisms. These plastic parts simply will not hold up over time. Then, you get complaints from locations and added expense and time to fix something that was poorly made in the first place.

3. Buying a quality vending machine may cost no more than a cheap one. Do your homework. This can apply to both the purchase of new and used machines.

4. Buy a vending machine that will dispense gumballs, candy, and toys to give you maximum flexibility to produce the most cash flow in a location. Most machines can be converted to do any of these three items. Older Vendstar 3000 machines WILL NOT vend gumballs, toy capsules, and bouncy balls.

5. Consider buying a USED vending machine to produce a higher rate of return on your invested money. There are often people who have a garage full of machines who will sell those machines at a great discount. The less upfront money you have to spend, the higher your rate of return on that investment. Would you rather pay $100 for a new machine and stand shipped to you or $40 for a good used one? It likely would take you an extra 6 months to a year to pay for the differece between the two.

Paying too much for a vending machine and buying a poor quality vending machine are probably the two biggest mistakes people make in starting a vending business. The sad thing is that either of these poor choices often kills the business, so choose carefully. You'll be glad you did!