Buy a Vending Machine and Start a Home Business

Many people are searching for a way to start a new home business and can do so by purchasing a vending machine. Fortunately, you do not have to start with lots of machines and tens of thousands in startup cash.

Many people who start a home business with vending machines start with five machines or less. Often, used machines can be purchased for around $50 each (sometimes less).

If the goal is to make a little extra money for debt reduction, vacations, retirement, etc, then buying a vending machine could be right for you. Not everyone will invest what I did in buying. 3,300 machines and going full time (I have since sold off a few routes consolidating to just under 3,000). In fact, I wouldn't advise considering going full time at all unless you are absolutely certain of the risks and rewards.

Always research every opportunity and home business you are considering. Do "Due Diligence.". This means don't jump before you do the research. There is never a "guarantee" in any home business investment. On the flip side, if I have to take a risk to start a home business, I would rather spend two or three hundred dollars to see the results than twenty or thirty thousand and lose it all!

Having said that, buying a vending machine can produce really good and fruitful results in your new home business if you do your homework. Be sure to check out my other articles on buying machines and new vending startups here on the Vending Coach Blog and at