Bulk Vending Links and Reviews

Bulk Vending has its own speciality suppliers just like any business.  And, as with any business area, some places are better than others.  Here are some important bulk vending links to help you in your new bulk vending business:

  1. A & A Global:  This company offer great toy capsule products, flat vending items (tattoos and stickers), as well as machines and other products.  I can recommend them highly for the capsule and flat vending products.
  2. Actionmatic:  This company also offers a great supply of toy capsules, tattoos, stickers, machines, and other products.  They are not as big as A&A, but have cool products at pretty good prices.
  3. Allstar Bulk Vending Supply: This company offers many of the same products as the previous two.  From my experience they are not used as much as A&A and Actionmatic.
  4. Beaver Vending: One of the long time suppliers of bulk vending machines.  I have about 2700 Beavers plus a few hundred others.  Great machine that you'll pay top dollar for but will last a long time.  Parts are a little pricey too.
  5. Big Apple Supply: This is a general bulk vending supply company like numbers 1-3 above. 
  6. Blue Bar Vending: Another bulk vending general supply company. Has Tomy Gatcha products.
  7. Brand Vending Company: Bulk Vending supply company with candy crane and plush products.
  8. BJs Wholesale: Bj's is not all over the country, but do have bulk vending products.  Sometimes not as good as Sams and Costco's on prices.
  9. Cardinal Distributing Company: Longtime company for the Bulk Vending Market.
  10. Concord Confections / Tootsie Roll: Makers of Double Bubble Gumballs and other food products for bulk vending.
  11. Costo Stores: Costco is much like Sam's Club and many bulk vendors use the store for candy and gum.
  12. TJ King / Five Star Distributing: Bulk vending supplier of Gum, Candy, Tattoos, Stickers and some machines.  Good company I have spent a lot of money with!
  13. Flatline Corporation: Supplier of toy capsules, stickers, and tattoos.  Not as large a selection as others but generally good products.
  14. LM Becker / Toy N Joy: Bulk vending supplier of mainly toy capsules.
  15. National Childrens Cancer Society: Popular charity that many bulk vendors use especially when first beginning in the business.
  16. Northwestern Vending: Great supplier of quality machines - has been around for decades.
  17. Oakleaf: Gum and candy supplier.
  18. Oak Manufactoring:Supplier of bulk vending machines.  Cheaper machines in price and quality than Beavers and Northwesterns in my opinion.
  19. Sam's Club: Major supplier for candy and gum for bulk vendors.  Many vendors begin here and expand to other suppliers if they become large enough.  Also has a large supply of special order product usually with no shipping charges (may be subject to change so check before ordering).
  20. UsedVending.com: As the name sounds, they sell used vending equipment and routes all over the nation.  Good selection and worth watching for your area.
  21. Vending Supply Incorporated: Newer company for flat vending stickers and tattoos. Carry cool designs and have a GREAT page for top sellers to help you determine what to sell.
These are some great places to get you started with all your bulk vending supply needs.  I hope this helps you as it took me a long time to discover these.