Become a Master of Gumballs to Produce Maximum Cash Flow in Your Vending Business

Gumballs normally produce the highest profit margin of any product you can sell in a bulk vending machine. In my vending business of almost 3,000 machines, I have noticed they are the most popular of any product I sell.

If you want to really produce strong cash flow and have a good rate of return on your investment in a gumball vending machine, PLEASE consider consider what I'm saying. High profit margin items mean you make more money faster and produce a higher rate of return on your asset (your vending machine).

Whether you have a Vendstar 3000, U-turn, Northwestern, Beaver, 1-800 vending machine or other vending machine, almost every bulk vending machine will sell a gumball. Even the makers of Vendstar vending machines recognized this (although late in the product cycle) and developed a gumball wheel to sell gumballs.

Many vending operators mix other products with gumballs by putting in two machines and selling candy or toys with the gumballs to capture more "market share" in a business location. I think this is smart as you establish yourself in a location as well as appeal to people who cannot chew gum or dislike its taste.

Always think about how to BEST utilize your income-producing asset (your bulk vending machines). You want your assets producing money for you at the highest possible rate.

Happy Vending!