About Me...

Thank you for visiting "The Vending Coach"  blog.  Just a little bit about myself:

I have been in bulk vending since 2003 and full time since the beginning of 2007 after buying approximately 2,000 bulk vending machines.  I aquired just over 3,100 machines at the height of my company and have since downsized a bit to a little under 3,000 and operating in one state instead of two.  What turned out as a side investment became a great business.

Bulk Vending is not hard.  However I have learned that a little knowledge goes a long way in creating extra cash flow.  I've gained a lot of knowledge from being taught by the people I bought the company from and from modifying things myself.

I have a passion to teach and write; therefore I started this blog to help new and experienced vendors alike.  I also operate vendingarticles.net with similar information.  I hope this helps you, and I know as I help other I prosper in kind.

Best of regard to you as explore vending.


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