Bulk Vending Route Goals for 2010

gumballs2-1 From my experience in running almost 3000 vending machines, bulk vending routes must be assessed from time to time to see if you’re getting a good NET profit.  Net profit is simply your gross sales minus expenses.  Here are some good goals you can incorporate for the next year:
  1. Locate your bulk vending machines in businesses as soon as possible. This is an obvious one but probably the best way to get profit up the most.  Unplaced machines make no money!  For a quick way to get machines out, look at your good accounts and see if you can double a single or add one to adouble in your good accounts.  You can always move it later if it doesn't produce.
  2. Examine the products you're selling, especially your cost per vend.  This is especially important on the subject of M&M Peanuts and other candy cost increases.  You may want to eliminate this product unless you are selling high volumes in certain locations.  You can sell far less gumballs to net the same profit IF you can find a location which is not already overloaded with them.
  3. Re-examine your bulk vending route structure.  Are you running yourself ragged for a few extra dollars?  You may want to consider expanding your route closest to you and dropping your "stragglers" the farthest out. I don't believe low gas prices here to stay.  Now would be a great time to get into the position you want to be before prices skyrocket more. You may even consider buying out a competitor who is in the territory you want to expand in and selling off your farthest routes.
  4. Examine your service schedule cycles.  One blessing of the high gas prices for our company was

Increase Your Bulk Vending Profits, Part 3

Gumball Rack Machines Remember, Bulk vending profits are greatly affected by the products you sell.  Having a good understanding of profit margins on individual candy products is crucial to maximizing your invested money in your vending business.  While selling gum is generally the most profitable, selling candy should not be ruled out especially if you plan to have a large number of machines.  Here are some products that can help you maintain a good profit.

  1. Sell gumballs or other gum.  At around 2 to 3 cents a vend, gumballs have a great profit margin.  Chickles tab gum is also popular at closer to 4 cents a vend.  Chickles has a good shelf life.

Bulk Vending Links and Reviews

Bulk Vending has its own speciality suppliers just like any business.  And, as with any business area, some places are better than others.  Here are some important bulk vending links to help you in your new bulk vending business:

  1. A & A Global:  This company offer great toy capsule products, flat vending items (tattoos and stickers), as well as machines and other products.  I can recommend them highly for the capsule and flat vending products.
  2. Actionmatic:  This company also offers a great supply of toy capsules, tattoos, stickers, machines, and other products.  They are not as big as A&A, but have cool products at pretty good prices.
  3. Allstar Bulk Vending Supply: This company offers many of the same products as the previous two.  From my experience they are not used as much as A&A and Actionmatic.
  4. Beaver Vending: One of the long time suppliers of bulk vending machines.  I have about 2700 Beavers plus a few hundred others.  Great machine that you'll pay top dollar for but will last a long time.  Parts are a little pricey too.

Increase Your Bulk Vending Profits, Part 2

Bulk vending profits can definitely be increased as we began to mention in my last article.  Here are sixmore ways to directly affect your cash flow and making your business more profitable:

  1. Don't be slow to change products not selling well.  It is easier to change products for an account (business) you already have a machine in than to find a new location.  I sometimes change products 3 or 4 times before I pull the machine.
  2. Don't delay pulling a machine if it still does not produce.  You want your assets producing at good rates of return, therefore, you will have to evaluate your accounts from time to time.
  3. Keep your machines clean!  This may not sound important, but many people will not eat candy or gum coming out of a grimy machine.   This includes the candy chute as well as the outside of the machine.  Even fing erprints all over a m

Increase Your Bulk Vending Profits, Part 1

Many new bulk vending machine owners do not carefully consider how to increase their bulk vending machine profits.  The business is incredibly simply; yet there are very small actions a vending machine owner can do to increase profits which often are not considered.

In this series of articles, we will tackle ten of the best ways to increase bulk vending profits.   Here are the first three which are probably the most obvious:

  1. Carefully consider what products you are selling.  Many vendors get into trying to sell 10 or 12 different kinds of products.  Stick to the higher profit margin products and stay away from those products which have very low appeal to your customers.

Used Vending Machine Routes Can Offer a Great Way to Enter Bulk Vending

Used vending routes can offer a great way for beginners to enter bulk vending easily. With a little patience, used vending routes can usually be found. Just because you find used vending machines for sale doesn't mean it is automatically a good deal.

In this first article, let's explore WHERE to find used vending routes. Here's my favorite places:

Vending Routes - Successful Strategies for Maximum Profit Potential

Vending routes can either be thrown together haphazardly or planned carefully.  A big mistake vending business owners make is get accounts "wherever I can find one."  That may be fine in some situations like a small town, but in larger areas, getting spread out over a large area with heavy traffic means losing valuable time and money.

An operator of vending routes should carefully consider:
  • How far are you willing to drive from your home to operate your business?
  • How heavy is the traffic in my area?
  • Am I willing to work a smaller area and exhaust the opportunities there before moving to a more distant area?

Use a Professional Vending Locator or Locate My Machines Myself?

Finding a business to put your vending machine in ("locating") is probably the biggest initial and ongoing hurdle a vending business owner will have. Therefore, locating vending machines is a highly prized skill to be developed or managed in your vending business.

Vending locators are supposed to be professional people skilled at getting new accounts for your machines. While there are good vending locators, be careful you don't become a part of a vending scam.

You really have four choices when locating vending machines:

Buy a Vending Machine - Not a Headache! Bulk Vending Machine Buyer's Guide

If you intend to buy a vending machine, please do your homework! It is very easy to buy a vending machine and a batch of headaches that comes with a poor-performing machine.

What are the buying points to keep in mind when buying a vending machine to start your home business? Here are some valuable tips to save your hard-earned investment money:

1. Buy a vending machine with a long track record of dependability. There are companies like Northwestern and Beaver who have made quality machines for decades.

2. Buy a vending machine with metal internal parts. Several companies have vending machines with plastic coin mechanisms, plastic lids, bases, and internal porportioning mechanisms. These plastic parts simply will not hold up over time. Then, you get complaints from locations and added expense and time to fix something that was poorly made in the first place.

Buy a Vending Machine and Start a Home Business

Many people are searching for a way to start a new home business and can do so by purchasing a vending machine. Fortunately, you do not have to start with lots of machines and tens of thousands in startup cash.

Many people who start a home business with vending machines start with five machines or less. Often, used machines can be purchased for around $50 each (sometimes less).

If the goal is to make a little extra money for debt reduction, vacations, retirement, etc, then buying a vending machine could be right for you. Not everyone will invest what I did in buying. 3,300 machines and going full time (I have since sold off a few routes consolidating to just under 3,000). In fact, I wouldn't advise considering going full time at all unless you are absolutely certain of the risks and rewards.

Become a Master of Gumballs to Produce Maximum Cash Flow in Your Vending Business

Gumballs normally produce the highest profit margin of any product you can sell in a bulk vending machine. In my vending business of almost 3,000 machines, I have noticed they are the most popular of any product I sell.

If you want to really produce strong cash flow and have a good rate of return on your investment in a gumball vending machine, PLEASE consider consider what I'm saying. High profit margin items mean you make more money faster and produce a higher rate of return on your asset (your vending machine).

What Products Can I Sell With A Vendstar Vending Machine to Avoid Problems?

While I am not a real fan of Vendstar Vending Machines, there are a few products that perform very well with the Vendstar machines. Selling candy and gum using the Vendstar machines can be profitable if you follow a few guidelines.

Smaller candy works well in these machines. I have had the best success with the following candy:

1. Skittles
2. Reese's Pieces
3. Runts
4. M&M's
5. M&M Peanuts

Vendstar Vending Machine Problems - What Can I Do?

Many people have entered the world of Bulk Vending by buying a Vendstar vending machine. These machines have 3 heads (cannisters) on a single stand made almost entirely of plastic (including most parts of the coin mechanism).

Many vendors have experienced problems with this type of machine. Can you be successful using these machines? Yes, but with certain understanding I will. comment on.

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I made the transition to full-time vending about 3 years ago. I had been building my routes up over a couple of years and when my old job required a change, PRESTO! I stepped into it full time, added a few more machines to increase my income, and continue to perfect my business today. My main source of income is from bulk vending, and its a real passion of mine.

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