"How I Created a 6-Figure Income from Gum, Candy, and Toy Vending" Audio Coaching CD Available

For those interested, I've just produced my first audio coaching CD on my success in the Bulk Vending area.  After many many dozens of questions about how to do it, I give an insider's view on exactly how I got into the business, what's been successful for me, and some of the pitfalls to avoid. 

It's on a real audio CD you can play in your car, home CD player, or transfer to your own digital device.  I share my real story of how I purchased over 3000 machines and created a 6-figure income that we live off of as our full time income.  We've done this 11 years and have learned a few things we can download to you...to help maximize your success.

The Audio CD is available on Ebay at this link to order

The coaching info is presented in an easy to understand and conversational manner.  I produced it just like I was setting with someone at Starbucks talking about what has worked for me in Bulk Vending.  I DO NOT approach this as a get-rich-quick scheme, but a meaty presentation on how to get into the business the cheapest way and run it for maximum cash flow.  If you read the free blog articles here, you'll know what kind of information I'll cover.

I cover some of these important items and more:
  • The Passive income aspect of bulk vending - making money without you physically having to be there.
  • How to pick the products to sell with the highest profit margin 
  • Where to find Gumball/Candy routes for sale
  • The Advantages of buying a pre-existing route for cash flow from day one
  •  How to minimize RISK when getting into the business
  • Many other items that will help existing vendors and those thinking about entering the business
Feel free to message me with any questions.


Before entering any business, even one as simple as vending, knowledge is important to give you every effort to succeed.  My firm belief is that if you can get just ONE piece of information to use from this CD, it will pay for itself many times over.  What I've done is to tell you repeatable patterns I've seen which have made me money in this business for over 10 years.

To your success!

    Can I Make Extra Cash through Bulk Vending Machines in My Spare Time?

    Bulk Vending Cash
    Beaver Bulk Vending Toy Machine
    In the midst of a bad economy and a shaky labor market, many people are looking for business opportunities with good income potential. Vending business opportunities abound for the person willing to get the right information about bulk vending.

    My favorite part of bulk vending is the flexibility that it provides to me to produce passive (or near passive) income. There is no guarantee about how much you can or will make, but for the person that will explore the opportunity vending provides (especially the passive income part), bulk vending can be appealing.

    Some people simply set a goal to make a house payment or car payment with the extra money.  Some people set a goal like $300 a month or $10,000 a year.  It is important to know there is no guarantee about how much you can make.  While bulk vending is easy, it does take time to set up and money for machines.

    Bulk Vending - Run it like a Business and Enjoy the Extra Profits

    Bulk Vending Business Practices

    There's a whole host of bulk vending operators out there who pretty simply do two things: Collect the quarters and fill the machine with product.  To run ANY successful business, it is necessary to think beyond the physical tasks of running the routes into the business strategy side.

    There is a great temptation for gumball and candy vending machine owners to ignore the finer points of doing business because the bulk vending business is pretty easy.  There are a number of things that if you work on them, will improve your bottom line.  Agreed, these may seem boring, hard, demotivating, or otherwise negative, but taken together they can really increase cash flow and bring a better return to your business investment.  Here are a few of the things you need to incorporate, even in a limited way:

    Gumball Spiral Vending Machines – Favorites for Kids!

    Gumball Spiral vending machines
     Gumball Spiral machines are the large globed vending machines which are real favorites with kids.  These special gumball machines usually cost a quarter and vends the gumball in a “spiral” fashion (the gumball spiraling down the tract to the gumball chute door). 

    These gumball spirals come in a variety of colors and a few varying designs on the actual machines.  Many are made now in China with a few still made in the United States and Canada.  They basically consist of:

    The large globe holding 1000-2000 gumballs depend in globe size
    The machine lid and lock for the product section
    The gumball spiral stand
    The middle machine section consisting of the coin mechanism and attached gumball tract
    The base of the machine containing the end of the chute and chute cover
    I have heard mixed results for these types of machines from vendors.  They are harder to place than small

    Chiclets - Chiclet Gum - Tab Gum: How to use in Your Bulk Vending Machine

    Chicklets Gum for Profitable Vending
    Chiclets Gum has been around for many years and is a favorite with bulk vending machine operators.  It is very easy to vend in all types of machines because of its consistent size.  It has better shelf life (will not go stale as fast) than regular gumballs. 

    Chiclets are often called “tab gum” because the square shapes of the gum look like “tabs”.  In my experience, it works better in places where a lot of men work like repair shops and parts supply stores.  It might be because the gum is hotter than regular assorted 1” gumballs

    The Honor Box and Honor Box Vending Advantages and Disadvantages

    Honor Box Vending
    Honor box vending has been around for a number of years.  For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a vending concept which uses (usually) cardboard boxes to hold candy to sell on the "honor" system.  In other words, you have a "box" (the honor box) which you put the money into when you get a candy bar or other item.  There is no coin mechanism to place money into and turn.

    The main disadvantage of this system is of course those who don't pay for the product.  This is what makes or breaks this vending concept.  If you end up losing money or making no money because people help themselves without paying, this system will have to be passed over for another vending concept.

    Vending Jobs, Vending Route Job Questions and Answers

    Vending Jobs Image
    With the economy is a bad place right now and not looking to improve greatly, many people are thinking about vending as a job replacement.  Vending jobs can really fall into several categories.  Let's look at the main two first:
    1. Vending Company Owner.  This would mean actually buying the vending machines yourself and taking on the risk of losing your investment.  In essence, you are "buying yourself a job" including assuming the risk of losing your investment.  Many people start like this, but this is not the only way to go.
    2. The second way to think about vending jobs is to try to secure a job with an existing vending company.  Most of these jobs will bein "full line" vending (Cola, snack, sandwich, and amusement machines).  There a

    Gumballs for Gumball Machine: Don't Overlook These 15 Important Fact about Vending Gumballs!

    Gumballs for Gumball Machine
    For those of you with vending machines like me, gumballs for your gumball machine is a core part of your business.  By that, I mean that anything that affects gumballs affects a key piece of your business and its income.  Therefore (it sounds crazy!) you have to become gumball minded and do those things that maximize profits on EACH gumball you sell.

    You might not think a fraction of a cent matters, but when you sell one million gumball with your gumball machine then a second million, you see that fractions of a cent amount to hundreds and thousands of dollars over the long term.  Yes, even a fraction matters (1/10 of 1 cent).

    The secret I've found that helps me in my overall business is watching these little areas where I can save money.  Yes, I run a large number of machine and it may apply to me more than others, but in truth saving little amounts of money does apply to every operator no matter how large or small.  Here are some other things I do when dealing with gumballs and gumball machines to save

    A&A Global: The Toy Company for Toy Capsule Vending

    A&A Global A&A Global is the toy company for toy capsule vending in the areas of price, selection, and safety testing of toys.  I have used them as my lead supplier of toy capsules for over four years.
    While no company is perfect (i have had a few small issues with them), they are consistently performing the best for me in providing my bulk capsule toy needs.  What does A&A Global do?  They are bulk toy importers bringing in China toys to be capsulated in the U.S.  Being an importer of China Toys carries with it a responsibility to provide testing and

    Vending Times Vending Magazine for Bulk Vending Info

    vending times "Vending Times” vending magazine is a must for Bulk vending information.  It is an industry standard.  Besides bulk vending, the magazine also covers full line vending.  Full line vending is usually defined as selling snacks and drinks through vending machines.  Bulk vending is usually refers to selling gumballs, candy and toys from smaller vending machines or racks.
    Whichever form of Vending you do or are interested in, Vending Times does a good job covering vital information.  Some of the areas include:

    Coin Pushers, Quarter Pushers: Are they Profitable and Legal?

    Coin pushers, also known as Quarter pushers, seem to carry a real fascination with people.  Lately, I have run into several people who have been putting them into places where I do bulk vending.  From reports from store owners, they seem to do really well. Store owners tell me of commissions that are quite good.

    Japanese Vending Machines

    kidsatvendingmachine I hate to admit it, but Japanese vending machines beats American machines hands down in one area: CREATIVITY!  From other fellow vendors, I have heard that American made machines perform much better than Japanese vending machines in actual use on the field. 
    The better performance of American vending machines really come to the forefront in:

    Sprinter Van / Sprinter Diesel – My Perfect Vending Vehicle

    red backgrndIf I could have any vehicle I wanted for the Vending business, it would be the Dodge Sprinter Diesel Van.   A Sprinter diesel is great on fuel mileage, especially compared to other vehicles in its class.  You may have noticed several freight companies and delivery companies moving to this type of vehicle in the last few years.  I believe a big reason for this is the fuel mileage of the Sprinter diesel.

    Vending International – It’s not Just a “USA Thing”

    littleboyvendkingVending is an international business, which may come as a surprise to some.  My first  experience with discovering international vending was when I saw some of the strange and cool bulk vending machines coming out of Japan.  Japan is not the only international vending source, but certainly a country that has contributed to the many types of vending machines.
    I don’t know much about the full service side of international

    1 Inch Gumballs - The Most Popular for Bulk Vending Gumball Routes

    gumballs2-1 1 inch gumballs are the industry standard in bulk vending.  Beginning vendors might be confused by the different sizes, but 1 inch gumballs are the most popular. 

    Be aware though, you can buy smaller gumballs (and larger too.)  Most vendors  buy smaller gumballs to save a little money on their cost per vends.  1 inch gumballs have a good all around profit margin and are fine for most gumball routes. 

    Toy Claw Machines, Crane Machines, Toy Plush Information

    Dollars Toy claw machines (also known as “cranes” or “crane machines”) are extremely popular with kids and many adults.  I’m sure you’ve seen these machines in grocery stores, restaurants, and even many Wal-Mart stores.
    Toy claw machines are often classified with the bulk vending machine category as they really are a super-sized bulk vending machine selling toy plush articles.  There are some great advantages and disadvantages to this area.  Let me say I do NOT

    Vending Tips – For Bulk Candy and Gumball Vending in the Summer

    red backgrnd I thought some vending tips might be in order related to the summer season.  Warm temperatures bring a special set of circumstances to vending operators.  These will help you be effective and save money in the process.
    Vending Tips on Candy Vending In Summer
    Prepare for high temperatures by keeping your bulk candies temperature controlled.  This is especially a problem in the south where the temperatures are warmer year around.  You can put M&M candies and Reese’s pieces in ice chests if your vehicle doesn’t stay cool enough in summer.

    What About Vending Jelly Beans?

    mikeike Vending Jelly Beans may sound like a good idea, but the problem I have found with it is buying the product at a low enough price.  Sam’s Club is the place I have found that consistently sells bulk candy the cheapest.  They sell Jelly Beans which I have used in a couple of machines.
    The Jelly Beans sold fair, not great, but the cost to vend them was very high – about 6 cents a vend at the smallest setting I could use in my machines.  If you can find a blowout location you may be able to make enough to justify using them.

    Peanut M & M’s: Vending Tips for Best Results

    Peanut M & M’s are very popular with people who use vending machines.  It can make money for you as a bulk vendor, but it is one of the top 3 hardest items to vend for several reasons.
    First of all, the M & M Peanuts have a short shelf life.  In other words, they go bad quickly if your sales are not high enough.  Therefore, to effectively sell this type of candy you must use it in a place where the sales are high enough that your product can cycle through.

    Vending Machine Placement: Locating Your New Vending Machine

    vending machine placement Vending Machine Placement is one of the great skills of a good bulk vending company (and full-line vending for that matter).  If you are new, you may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of the placement of your vending machines.
    I have found many places and types of businesses can be good provided:
    1) The business has at least minimal traffic
    2) Several Employees
    3) Seems a reasonably secure place for the machine